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on Bhutan Packages

Why Window to Bhutan

Window to Bhutan makes Bhutan a special home away from home for you. We create happy travelers who shall take with them the indelible memories of the Bhutanese hospitality.

We are different from other tour companies in the country, in the way we treat out guests and because we simply deliver what we promise. We are happy to let you know that we have not failed any of our guests so far.

At Window to Bhutan, we are a team that considers tour business more than just minting easy money. We believe in and draw inspiration from being part of travelers’ experience who come from different continents of varied cultures, traditions, and histories.

The tour packages we offer are flexible. Once in the country, your interest and convenience are a priority. The itineraries can be customized. Our strength lies in a formidable team of committed staff who have been in the industry for a long time, most of them with international exposure.

For example, we have our guides who are well versed with Bhutan’s culture, history, and politics. We have trekking guides who have trekked all the routes in Bhutan, including the most difficult ones.  If required, we also arrange guides who can speak different languages apart from English.

We provide luxurious SVUs for transportation and keep our guests in star-rated lodges approved by the government.

Window to Bhutan is always there for you to ensure that your trip to Bhutan is what you shall remember for the rest of your life. We make sure it is a journey to paradise, a journey you had always wanted to make, and a journey you have finally made.